Using Foam For Containment Jobs

Got foam secondary containment is critical in the oil and gas industry, and even more so in today's ecologically challenging environment. There are many options to containment, but the most common use is a liner system. Most are either very time-consuming to install or offer marginal protection. Cool phone has a solution that is fast to install durable and, if damaged, is quick and easy to repair based on a formula similar to the spray in bedliner for your truck or vehicle. It forms an extremely durable liner that is easy to place around obstructions and dries in seconds. The cool foam polyurea spray in liner is an excellent puncture resistant and chemical resistant solution for your secondary containment needs. Polyurea is one of the most chemical resistant lining systems available. Today, with the ability to conform to any shape and with no size limitations, it adheres to many different types of surfaces. A 40 mil thick polyurea liner will have five times the puncture resistance of a 40 mil polyethylene liner with polyurea liners. You can rest assured that the common liner puncture will not occur. We have many different color options and if you have a color code or paint chip of your desired color, we can match it using a steel or berm type structure. The cool foam crew lays down a heavy gauge fabric, then sprays the polyurea liner material on top to seal the liner, making it impermeable to water and chemicals. We install a sump to allow you to vacuum out any water that collects from rain or snow making for easy maintenance. There is no downtime for your operation either our poly liners set up in 30 seconds and can be immediately placed into service saving you many hours of downtime over typical one part spray lining systems which take up to 12 days to full cure call cool phone today To see how we can bring the ultimate solution to your containment challenges got foam. You

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